Making way for a new Starbucks

This fire erupted on Adams just as I was passing by. First there was a black burst; a mushroom cloud shooting into the sky. Then came flames. A man was seen running from the scene. My friend took a few photos before the fire trucks arrived.

I don't want to sound insensitive to the owners of the above church, but I was in such awe of the burning building, it made me almost sympathetic to pyromaniacs. This is also someone who spent a half hour on YouTube watching security videos that captured passing tornadoes. I was disappointed upon discovering that there was no video footage of the Thailand tsunami in 2004. Many of us had a child-like wonder of what it would look like, seeing a gigantic wave hovering over a city. Japanese art didn't cut it. Then the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan fulfilled that need for us. We were saddened by the devastation, but also thankful that Japan is technology-minded. We got plenty of video footage of the quake and helicopter footage of the tsunami. We were glued to our televisions.

Like the aforementioned disasters, this fire in West Adams was tragic, but beautiful.

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