Revamped: The Hotel Bel-Air

High-end call girls and foreign dignitaries are getting a nice change of scenery here in Los Angeles. The Hotel Bel Air, which has long been considered the most private retreat in Tinseltown,  has been revamped! Stripped of its dated Laura Ashley decor, designers decided to go back in time to the golden age of Hollywood. It's old-fashioned glamour mixed with the sleek lines of Midcentury Modern design. Think vintage chandeleirs over white Danish Modern couches in white. There's a black and white motif throughout, hit with splashes of lime green bouquets. 

I spent a weekend partying at the Hotel Bel Air, and while I realize this makes me sound like a prostitute, I can guarantee that I only stripped down to my bathing suit. I lounged poolside with dozens of hummingbirds and famous stars, who clustered in this very public, celeb-heavy place to, you know, get away from the public and celeb-heavy places. 

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