Fast Friends

Lately, Californians have a lot of things spilling over from Mexico that we don't appreciate, such as drug cartels and the swine flu.

But let us not forget the good that spilleth over. The kickin' Mexican food and friendly natives are obvious. I'm talking about the greyhounds. Thankfully, greyhound racing is a dying sport. Dogs are cheaper than horses, so instead of being resold to ranchers, they're often killed after they retire from the tracks. I usually have it in for the naturally skinny, as they remind me of my curse. But if you're a greyhound, your curse goes beyond cellulite. Even if the svelte couch potatoes mock me by sleeping all day.

El Caliente racetrack in Tijuana recycles their racers quite often, and Fast Friends, the local chapter of Greyhound Pets of America, swoops in and grabs each fresh batch, cleans them up and preps them for adoption. Our close proximity to the border allows us first pick at these gentle, affectioante pups. I would know, I have two.

All you naysayers who say nothing good is coming from Mexico should take a second look.

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