Saved By the Bell

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is a mecca for Mexican food. Baja-style fish tacos and gooey bean and cheese burritos abound. Yet every time I crave Taco Bell, some know-it-all loves to point out, "Um, that's not Mexican food." As if they were wearing a sombrero with that smug grin. Hey genius, I didn't say I was craving Mexican food. I said I was craving Taco Bell, which of course, is in its own food group.

Comparing Taco Bell to Mexican food is like comparing boxed mashed potatoes with real ones. They're both good, but they're not the same thing. Like Taco Bell, fake spuds have all kinds of inventive flavors, such as bacon cheddar and sour cream and chives. Like Mexican food, homemade spuds are made from simple ingredients and are pure heaven.

And anyone who understands the pure, unadulterated love I have for Taco Bell knows there is no substitute.

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