He Stacks Rocks, People!

Last week, L.A. Weekly released their special edition, People 2009. Cover to cover it's filled with people who make Los Angeles the sick mecca it is. Most of the entries I agree with. Cutting-edge vaudeville circus troupe Lucent Dossier? But of course. Drew Barrymore? Why she's our homecoming queen!

Then there's um, Kevin Morgan. He's concerned about drugs and violence in Venice Beach, which is changing the scene, making it a darker place. So what does he do about it? He doesn't provide counseling. He didn't open a rehab center. He doesn't volunteer. He...stacks rocks. That's right folks, he takes rocks and puts them on top of one another.

They call him "The Rock Star."He quotes,"It's a memorial to 89 lives. They came from all over the world, [but] lost their lives to bad influence choices. They are the forgotten souls of Venice Beach." Of course they are forgotten! Meth heads roam around like zombies, engaging in petty theft for their next fix, and Mr. Morgan is playing with stones!

I appreciate the art he's providing takes patience. It looks fantastic. I even appreciate the man's fine bone structure. But how can L.A. Weekly praise him as a man of the people, someone who's giving back? How is a drug-crazed gangster going to see a pile of rocks and think, "Sh** yo, I better quit this bidness." Um, no. In fact, calling him a "Rock Star" and tagging him as a philanthropist makes me want to take drugs.

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tracy said...

dude you are so clue less ,. try meeting a person first,..

before you cast thoughts out loud,. ,. i wonder , and i bet,.

you are neither,. half the human you portray,.

talking as you do,.
you have done nothing like this artist ,. to better any part of mankind,. as he has,.,. you rather he stay , (if he even was a gangster?, druggy?) as many are ,. in Venice ,. blk-wht alike ,. and others ),.,. where are your fact coming from again,. oh!you like to hear / or see you words written ,. yet know not!,.. what you speak),.

i bet you dont even know him,. and showingly ,. you cant read either,.walk a mile in someones shoes,..
before you open your mouth dude , you sound so ignorant!,.
get it , its harmless to all, animal,
creatures of the deep,
and high in the air ),.

you scar this,.

and,... i bet you praise ,. the great job our polititions are doing huh!?) ,.

and i bet you live where there are no drugs ,. homeless,. ,. hell, i even give you, rocks size of beach balls,. to maybe one day say ,. s--t to anything?..... to lift ,. except your false wit,. and negativity ,.and wicked pride you hide behind),.
you could learn a thing or two form this artist, i did ),.and know of him personally ,. do you?,....

perhaps you need to find him,.. apologies to him ,. and then lift one just one rock,....as he does,. in memort of maybe just maybe some one you met or one day knew , then talk,.

where he lifts thousands,. so he doesn't have to use again , and stay focused,. of only that? then write / talk / blog),. you'll have a better understanding , instead of the short minded mind,...you release ,. as a short lighted lethal weapon),. get a life ,. above all get balanced ,. are ya?,..