Have a Nice Drai!

Drai's in Hollywood not only has a rep for being celeb party central, but the photo gallery is filled with so many gorgeous twenty-somethings in up-to-the-minute fashion, it's enough to keep me home to curl up with Crown Royal and my Sex and the City box set. Who has time to look that beautiful? And please don't tell me they were born that way. It would kill me.

But Time Warner was kicking off their Summertime is Cabletime party at Drai's, which always rings in the summer for me. It's like Media Memorial Day. How could I resist?

The place was awash with airy white cabanas with beds, Moroccan lamps and the clamored-for view of Hollywood: from above. Servers passed around sparkling cranberry cocktails, Kobe sliders and mini cupcakes. A bunch of the the Lakers showed up, including Rick Fox with Eliza Dushku. Joey Lawrence was there with his fancy eyebrows, along with a few reality stars. 

Bliss Spa employees milled about, giving hand massages with their scented lotion. Everyone walked away with a bottle to keep. They set up a back massage area amidst candlelit lounges. Vintage-style synchronized swimmers in flowered caps slipped into the sparkling blue water to do a few numbers. Ray-Ban was on hand with mirrors and a selection of sunglasses. People sampled and walked away with their favorite pair, in addition to gift bags filled with treats, such as aluminum water bottles, kitchen wares from The Food Network, Vitamin Water and swag from The History Channel.

It was a great time. Right up there with my Crown Royal and Sex and the City box set.

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