Northridge: More that just the epicenter of the '94 earthquake

When most of us think of Northridge, we remember "the big one" in '94. I was still in high school, but all of us on the East Coast were rocked by images of smashed freeway bridges, trapped cars, and Angelenos grilling their entire food supply for the neighborhood because the power was out. It was before Kurt Cobain died, and until that game-changer, this quake was big news.

I half expect the earth to open and swallow me whole when I visit Northridge. Recently I discovered the strong Asian community out there (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) and the cornucopia of authentic restaurants that go with it. I'm a sucker for both Korean BBQ and bento boxes. Well, bento boxes as long as they don't come with that cheap sushi special that pushes the rice/salad/California roll option.

If you feel like enjoying Korean BBQ without the traffic, impossible parking and attitude of Koreatown, head to Northridge. We scored these unbelievable Korean bento box deals in a grocery store called Galleria, which is so hardcore, it's showcased on Yelp. While there, pick up some nori and kimchee at the store to make it even more worth the drive. To this highly-uninformed East-Coaster, the knowledge of the previous quake and the possibility of a second hit (admittedly not likely) make it all the more thrilling.

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