Cougars and Co.

Mrs. Robinson, the O.G. Cougar

I am all about single women in their sexual prime having some fun, so when Cougars and Co., the website that allows middle-aged women to troll for the affections of virile young men (both at their sexual peak - how perfect!) I thought it was great.

That is, until I clicked on the site. If cougars are supposed to be middle-aged hotties, what are 30 year-olds doing on the site? If you are educated and come from a well-to-do family, chances are that's about marrying age in our society. Jeez, let us bang out a few kids first before we earn the Cougar title.

If these pricks are calling girls cougars at 30, then the age for consensual sex should change from 18 to...12? Like Cher says in Clueless, "This is California, not Kentucky!" Don't give pedophiles any more of a reason to wave their freak flag - the Internet is doing a scary enough job as it is.Shame on you.

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