Angela Kinsey hosts Citrus Lane party

Kim Burke-Connors, myself, Angela Kinsey and daughter Isabel

Hot moms were everywhere. Forget the frazzled caretakers of the days of yore, with tangled hair and shirts covered in spit-up. At the Chateau Marmont this Saturday, champagne glasses clinked, as well-groomed youngsters darted around us.

TV host Layla Kayleigh with daughter Melody and husband Steven Covino

Cougar Town star Busy Phillips rocked a flirty sun dress. TV host Layla Kayleigh smiled on as her daughter's face was painted and glittered. A live quartet belted out an MTV Unplugged version of Pachelbel's Canon in D. Gorgeous waiters passed around mini grilled cheese sandwiches and lamb chops.  At the center of it all was star Angela Kinsey, official Hot Mom Host. Gliding around this Mommy and Me Tea in a strapless summer dress and smooth blowout, I had to remind myself that she was a mom. Of course, my point of reference is my mom, with crusted applesauce on her face and always threatening to throw a dirty diaper at Victor. Victor never heard her because he was on The Young and the Restless.  

But I digress. The Office star hosted this splashy party with Citrus Lane, an innovative company that mails monthly care packages to parents. Inside each box are parent-recommended treats, such as organic juices, teething bracelets for moms to wear and children's books. The fresh Citrus Lane logo must come as a relief when it arrives at their doors, promising nourishment and entertainment.

Perhaps Citrus Lane is onto something, with sending help right to your front door. Is that the reason why Angela Kinsey was so fresh-faced and well-accessorized? If I ever have a kid, I'm signing up for Citrus Lane. That, and avoiding soap operas. Because that Victor is nothing but trouble

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Anonymous said...

kim burke,wow.....greatings from texas.....think pleasent valley co circa 95......sincerely hope you're well :)