Life is good.

No really, it is. Taking in this view, I'm reminded of the love part of the love/hate relationship I have with Los Angeles.

But is it too much to ask to scoot the PCH further inland? Don't get me wrong, winding highways by the sea are excellent for car commercials, roadtrippers and celebrities dying for a DUI to boost publicity. But what about the beachgoers?

Back East, we crossed long bridges over bays to get to the secret, quiet beaches that awaited us. It was an escape from the world, a hideaway where we rejuvenated. Sure, we had boardwalks but that's only foot traffic. Who wouldn't want the smell of funnel cakes, places to score margaritas and nearby restrooms?

Beachgoers here in L.A. deal with the Pacific Coast Highway, which delivers screaming sirens, honking horns and semi-trucks spitting black smoke. Even in the placid photo above, you can see the glint of cars lined along the PCH.

Note: I will change my mind just in time for my coastal roadtrip to Santa Barbara.

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