Hispanic Heritage Month = FUN

sporting my 2D Jump from Paper bag
Hispanic Heritage Month is always a party. Unlike the (understandable) austerity of  Black History Month, it's a blur of spinning dresses and spicy canapes. Latinos do stop to acknowledge struggles both past and present, such as migrant worker conditions and gang violence, but it's always followed up with a celebration of their warm, sun-drenched homelands.

auhor Glenn Llopis
SOMOS knows their way around a fiesta. Last year, this IPG Latino heritage group threw a soiree with high-concept cocktails and tacos galore at Playa on Beverly. This year, the Axis Marketing Agency lit up the Pacific Design Center, and invited KCRW DJ Raul Campos to attend. An elaborate spread of pan dulce, fruits, croquetas and sandwiches awaited us.

Author Glenn Llopis gave a motivational speech. He was refreshingly willing to urge Latinos to take responsibility for issues such as petty differences between, say, Mexicans and El Salvadorians. These rivalries take the focus off the more important struggle of getting a proper education and working hard to get ahead. Shameless plug and perfect example? My Mexican BFF/writer/teacher/double-major grad at USC extraordinaire Gina Valencia Ramsey!

chic space at the Pacific Design Center

Mexican hot chocolate dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg was passed around, The Axis Agency's social butterfly Dan Navarro worked the room and door prizes were awarded to attendees. One lucky girl walked away with the new iPhone 5. Top that

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