Thank you Ripe Concepts!

The beauty of the Internet knows no bounds. You can use Facebook to convince acquaintances that your life is a blur of glamorous parties. You can use Yelp to take down shoddy massage parlors. You can also use your blog to spread happiness. But it's hard to spread happiness, or even effective malice, if your blog has the visual charm a Wal-Mart storefront. Too many blogs are rant centers, where scary people moan about coupons and the relationship status of Twilight actors.

This is why I thank you, Ripe Concepts! The creators of my all-new Viva Lost Angeles! logo (above) made my blog a lot more lively and a little more professional. The splashy colors are a  nod to the 80's, an era trapped in golden amber for me. The font a bit vintage, like my taste. Overall, it screams California and I am liking it. 

Here's to hoping this new look will help me spread both happiness and effective malice!

"Thank you, dahlings!"

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