Oprah's Last After Oscar Party

Katy Perry sings with those Staten Island brats with bad tee shirts
With the Oprah Winfrey Show closing shop this year on it's 25th anniversary, I attended her very last  After Oscar Party this week. Oprah may continue this tradition when she takes over her own network., which she (not surprisingly) titled The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). No I will not put in a hyperlink for her - everyone knows.

Last year's Oscar stage
 Ahhh, Awards season. There's The Good: Free industry screenings galore. The Bad: Michael Bay continually believing he is deserving of a nomination. For anything. And The Ugly: The media faking cat fights between the Best Actress contenders in order to sell tabloids. They never do that to the male contenders. Women-hating is so Dostoevsky circa 1850, I mean really.

This year, Natalie Portman was a no-show along with Christian Bale, but there was Anne Hathaway, Melissa Leo, Geoffrey Rush, a surprise visit  from  Katy Perry and we were graced with the presence of the adorable Colin Firth. Sigh.....

Oscar aftermath
I attended this party last year as well. It was the last time Sandra Bullock publicly gushed over her husband Jesse James, telling us how she'd been waiting a long time for a cheeseburger, and how she was driving straight to her husband's Monster Garage workplace to eat some greasy food. We were excited to see Jeff "The Dude" Bridges too. 
Oscar aftermath

At the Kodak Theatre the day after,  the town seemed hung over. While the venue still glittered inside, the red carpet scene on the street was strewn with trash, orange cones and construction materials. The giant gold Oscar statue still loomed out front.

But the one thing at the party that stuck out in my mind was Oprah's head. It was big.

It's like, THIS big.

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