Back off, Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Yes, I take issue with douchebags tarnishing the image of fabulous places. First stop Jersey Shore, next stop everywhere. These days, people will film anything, endangering fabulousness everywhere.

I know a place in Beverly Hills that's in danger. It's called Villa Blanca, and it's class all the way. The stark white furnishings are crisp and modern. The menu adventurous. But the dark, intrepid hand of reality TV is creeping in on it, since Lisa Vanderpump (a.k.a. "Pinky"), a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, is a co-owner. Instead of being known for it's posh luxury or knockout Tuna Tartare with balsamic truffle glaze (!), it's known as a breeding ground for this mess. And yes, that was a little fluffy white dog. At the dining table.

you know the type
The place is already filled with workers that look like models. Our hosts looked like Brad  Pitt and Zoe Saldana. Our server was the spitting image of Simon Rex. Plus the place is teeming with standard Beverly Hills clientele: middle-aged women with brassy blonde hair and plastic surgery that makes the bottom half of their face look like a plate mask. You know the look; fat-injected cheeks, swollen lips and Botox-induced rigor mortis. Now it's also filled with gawkers and hangers-on since it's affiliation with the reality show.

I am here to defend the fabulousness! Let it be known for their amazing Tuna Tartare, the captivating interior design, the Asian-Italian fusion and their fearlessness. Not only are they willing to serve unpretentious pub  food such as fish and chips, but their prices are surprisingly fair.

My plate was so wonderful, I had to photograph it. Halibut over mushroom risotto with rock shrimp and a raspberry reduction. Viva La Villa Blanca!

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