The Roger Room

How IS it that in a recession, when well-advertised businesses are struggling to get customers in the door, the Roger Room is packed? 

This place is:

A) Relatively new (opened late 2009)
B) Has NO SIGN (they call it "speakeasy style")
D) Serve expensive drinks ($14- $16)
E) Packed. Just utterly packed.

I was with good people, we enjoyed some old-fashioned cocktails and shared fine conversation. But really? A through E (list above) is killing me. Who are these people and how did they hear of it? Granted,  I was one of them, but that was on a fluke. Trust. 

Did the crowded bar demonstrate the desperation hipsters have to see and be seen at the newest thing? The New York Times reported that the owners call it the reverse of snobbery, with no celeb clientele. That is, unless you consider Cameron Diaz and Fiona Apple celebrities. And if it isn't pretentious, do please explain this: Dress code: Casual but distinct, with designer or vintage accessories.

Like I said, the place was great. But please, consider the list above (A through E) and explain.  


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Christina R said...

Nice. Been to a couple of these and always have wondered the same thing, albeit not out loud. Glad to know you have too and are willing to openly share. Love ya, Fayeruz! :)