Cecconi's - not Madonna's brother's restaurant!

Rebecca Bauwens & I - happy campers
Finally I've gotten a taste of this Robertson Blvd hideaway - the place has taunted me for years. And not just because of the urban legend that says it's owned by Madonna's brother. Wrong spelling of the birth name, and besides, he's too busy being Madonna's brother for any press that will listen. Though his official website would have you think he's doing "this."

But I digress. The place was heaven. I'll let the pictures tell the story, but the moral of the story is: eat at Cecconi's.

Employees in cardigans to match the upholstery
tuna tartare (with mint & chilis!) made fresh at our table

hand-served from a copper pot

Crab meat ravioli with saffron
creamy tiramusu
cherry gelato profiteroles with chocolate sauce - a must order

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