Is that...fly tape? What kind of crazy, turn-of-the century business is this? We're in Los Angeles - our state alone is the ninth largest economy in the world. I haven't seen fly tape since it was used as a prop in that sleazy diner on that old Nickelodeon show You Can't Do That on Television.

You know that skit - the one that always ends with the greasy chef saying, "D' IIIIIIIIII heard that." And green slime originated from that show. It was dumped on kids whenever they said, "I don't know." Green slime may be a mainstay on the Teen Choice Awards these days, but they took the idea from Nickelodeon, who lifted it right off of You Can't Do That on Television.

Well, you can't do fly tape on television either. Or do it in private. It's just not okay.

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