Singafest Asian Film Festival

L.A. Weekly hosted a party for Singafest, the Asian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

L.A. is the perfect place for an event like this. Not only are we across the pond from Asia, but this town is filled with pervs who consider Asian women the ultimate novelty - approaching them as if car shopping. Whiskey Blue had quiet pockets of WASPy male oglers who had no intention of seeing any of the films. They clustered in corners, whispered and pointed as diminutive girls slinked by in beaded dresses. It seems that the creators of this event celebrated this exploitation, and put this beauty (below) on the invite.

Whiskey Blue at the
Now, on to the party! Where I come from, if an invite says "tray service," it means that good-looking people will pass around free food and drinks. In this case, it was free food, but a cash bar. Only we didn't know it until after we ordered our whiskey. We didn't mind at first, until we noticed that most of the trays of food were held high over their heads, to avoid the gaze of non-VIPs. Ninety percent of the servers swept into VIP, so that the poor servers holding trays in the "less important" crowd were accosted by hungry hordes, circling like zombies in search of brains. 

Germ fest!
Bags of popcorn were laid out to appease the non-VIP crowd, but everyone was afraid to stick their hands inside the potentially germ-filled snack. They didn't know what kind of people were around them. And the creepy white dudes standing in the corners didn't help matters.

We were starved, but we had our pride. We snuck into the VIP area (pictured above), slammed Champagne that sat in ice buckets, and made off with a gift bag. Plus we met a lovely gentleman from Wire LA named Don Rose and were graced with the no-nonsense awesomeness of DJ Smiles. Anyone that can work Nu Shooz into a spin mix is good peeps to me.

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