Sushi Mac vs. Sushi Roku

Sushi Mac is genius for the following reasons:

- all plates $3, with tax built in
- cash only, to keep overhead low
- rock music blasting, so no one knows they're in a dive
I need these!

Honestly, all a cheap restaurant needs to do is blast loud music, because it will attract youths, jaded couples who didn't feel like talking anyway and moneyed couples who see the youth in the window, and think everyone is in on something. Because let's face it, raw fish freaks some people out, and they'd never go to a cheap sushi joint and risk listeria. But loud music? Boom.The place is instantly chic.

Roku's new look
I love Sushi Mac, but the existence of Sushi Mac also makes me love Sushi Roku, the upscale Japanese restaurant across the street.  If it can stand up against Sushi Mac and their throngs of followers, they must be pretty great. They even underwent a recent renovation, and my friends and I stopped in for lunch to check out the changes. Here's a peek!

awesome witch cauldron in front

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