The Best Thing About L.A.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the best thing about L.A. is getting out of L.A. For all the thrills Hollywood has to offer, the nonstop action can be exhausting. Catching up on some r & r in wine country is perfect - you're just outside of San Francisco, so you can avoid the darts of intense hatred from the locals. What's more, is that the bucolic beauty of Sonoma rivals Provence, with gourmet restaurants, vineyards, goats and sheep grazing to replace lawn mowers and quaint villages. While France will always be cooler, people in the South of France tend to be annoyed by the city slickin' Parisians that come through. In that way, us Angelenos are lucky. No locals were abusive towards us, or acted like we had skulls stuffed with sawdust based on our home zip code.

Here are some Sonoma recommendations, based on personal experience:

Rent a convertible!

Cruise the rolling countryside.

Eat impeccable French cuisine at at Cafe Charcuterie.

Spend time outdoors.

Be surprised by what you notice when your mind is quiet.

Avoid the turkey vultures!

And of course, drink the wine.

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