With friends like these...

Good times at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel, where we helped to raise money for Friends of the Family. The famed "pink palace," where Marilyn Monroe once lived and which served as the silhouette on the Eagles' album cover of Hotel California, can now be crossed off my bucket list. The proceeds raised that night helped to improve the lives of young Angelenos in need, so we're investing in making Los Angeles a better place to live. In the end, it can be viewed as almost selfish. One less idiot gangster/tagger/freeloader off the street is always a plus in my eyes. I just don't get people who wear belts, yet still need to hold their pants up with their hands. It makes no sense.

Stephanie Yamashiro & co.
Best of all, the organization is not just handing over funds to these kids, replicating the black hole that is our broken welfare system. The kids are being taught to fish, and how to take responsibility. And in the sink or swim environment of Los Angeles, it's vital. It was a night of inspiring speeches, delicious food and a very impressive silent auction!

breathtaking vintage chandelier in the ballroom


Litzaya "Redrum" Ahumada

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