For a pretty city

According to basically everyone, the hottest girls in the USA are in Los Angeles. But of course it comes at a steep price. Going to bed hungry, laser resurfacing, etc. Thankfully, this pretty city has Pretty City, to link us to spa deals and discount beauty products.

Thank you Pretty City and SHAPE magazine, for throwing us an amazing bash in Beverly Hills! We always get excited when handed gift bags so heavy, it brings up bad memories of carrying sacks of flour dressed in baby clothes in a futile attempt to stop teen sex. But I digress. My friend Litzaya was so excited about her gift bag, she refused to look at its contents until she came home, where she said going through it will, "...feel like Christmas."

We were treated to raffle prizes, manicures, massages, eyebrow shaping, hairdos and make-up artists painting on new, better faces. We had wine, spicy tuna tartare, Kobe sliders, cupcakes, candy, brie cups and my new favorite finger food: fried chicken and waffles on a stick. Before their time, my friend. Before their time.


Ron Petro said...

What happened to the fantastic blogs about the city??? We can read about your gift bags on FB!!

fayeruz said...

Dearest Mr. Petro,
Nearly all posts tie into Los Angeles, including this one. Please see the first paragraph.

See you on Facebook!