All Hail the California Craftsman!

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Many people in Los Angeles gripe about the lack of architecture, and they are in their own right. What other town could inspire the website Ugly Persian Houses and have tourists around the world aghast at our mismatched and chaotic strip malls?

But we will always have the California Craftsman. Not only are these masterpieces gracefully spotting our landscape, but we can boast that it's native to our land. A little earthy, a little Japanese, a little Cape Cod and immeasurably majestic, these homes have customarily dark wood exteriors contrasted by bright, sun-filled rooms. I've always been in awe of the oversized doors, art deco windows and light fixtures, tapered columns and giant porches.

This post is in celebration of not only the California Craftsman, but for one of the most breathtaking dwellings I've witnessed in Craftsman Heaven; a.k.a. Pasadena.

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