Dim sum & then some

I've been covering the lunch truck boom ever since Kogi put glorified roach coaches on the map. But less roach, more coach. Unless we're talking the Munchies truck - and that's a different roach altogether.

It would be irresponsible to cover life in Los Angeles without mentioning the phenomenon, especially if you love good food.

The Dim Sum Truck is well-established in the area, but I was constantly distracted by India Jones and my personal House of Worship on Wheels: The Grilled Cheese Truck. That is until the Dim Sum Truck unleashed new inventions of pasta-wrapped deliciousness. They are adding Americanized dumplings to loop in people like me, who are over that steamed pork and cabbage business.

Introducing baked potato dumplings stuffed with tater tots (my secret white trash indulgence), bacon, chives, and cheddar; all served with sour cream sauce. They're also serving up cheeseburger dumplings with grilled onions, American cheese and ketchup.

It was all very abusive and wonderful. So go forth and multiply. In pounds. To make me feel better.

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