Are we allowed to admit that earthquakes are a little exciting?

I know that earthquakes are deadly. I know that they nearly caused San Francisco to burn down, and total devastation in third world countries. But they are also a little exciting, no? When the Japan quake spurred speculation that "the big one" was coming to California, most notably on the evening of the supermoon, I held my breath in anticipation. I think we all do to some extent, but don't talk about it.

With strict building codes on our infrastructure, a big rumble usually leaves the landscape unchanged. We scour the web and news programming for some hint of drama, but it's always one broken window and 9 million grating car alarms. We should be grateful, but smart enough to know that this won't last forever. One of these days, the San Andreas fault will deliver a swift reminder of nature's power.  So we keep sneakers in our car, in case disaster strikes while driving. We keep supplies of water and food, in case the power is knocked out.

eFood's Beef Stroganoff
...Or do we? I know I do, and I have a special offer for my lovely readers. Once you throw those sneakers that smell like corn chips into your trunk and stash some water bottles, I urge you to visit eFoods. For nourishment during natural disasters, just add water. These emergency-preparedness packs aren't like the old powdered milk you get while camping, or chemical-laden astronaut food. This company understands the discerning palate, since The Food Network has apparently turned everyone into a foodie. You can get Cheesy Chicken Casserole. The first ingredients in their Tortilla Soup are black beans, red beans, potatoes and cheddar cheese. It also boasts red peppers, garlic, sea salt and carrots. 

Have I caved and enjoyed these dishes outside of a natural disaster? Or course I have. It's perfect for camping trips and it's really tasty. Besides, I should sample all the flavors, so I can make informed choices. Now is the perfect time to stock up on their foods, as they are offering a sale to my readers in remembrance of the Japan quake and tsunami. March marked the one year anniversary.

the aftermath of Japan's quake and tsunami
You'll feel less guilty admitting to the excitement of a quake if you are prepared for one. Have food security. Be the Sean Penn of your potentially Katrina-esque neighborhood.  Stay safe and bon appetit!

Note Sean Penn's cases of water bottles. Just sayin'!

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