Do you suffer from Political Correctness? Heal thyself with Frog Island!

Well it's about time people in Los Angeles are cured of their political correctness. All that useless guilt made it hard to crack a joke around here. I don't know if it was 9/11 or the nationwide movement to try and replace the word "black" with "African American" while still being called "white," but our stooped, apologetic selves were highly unattractive. But the other day, I saw people spilling out of Pantages Theatre after seeing Book of Mormon. They were blissful. Among the cackles I heard, "It was so wrong, I loved it!" and "Ha! AIDS jokes, can you believe it?!"

Now that we've lightened up, it's time to celebrate. No, you won't get tickets to Book of Mormon. Trust me. It's time Frog Island got the limelight. This troupe has been abusing me for years, and I've loved every minute of it! Tomorrow, Oct 30th at 10/9 central, the Viral Video Showdown on the Syfy Channel begins its run, and guess what happens a few episodes into the season? Frog Island will descend upon the masses!

They were chosen for good reason. To Frog Island, nothing is sacred. Laughing at ourselves is the only way to stop us from taking everything so seriously, and they are happy to help. A Hasidic Jew pimp promoting Morrie's Discount Ho's, racist cops that jump for joy when a Rodney King hologram appears and a Slave Hair infomercial. Although nothing beats their Pacino & Pacino talent series.

Check them out on the SyFy Channel tomorrow night, and prepare to be abused!

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