The Real Best Burger in Los Angeles

The Bowery vs. Father's Office

The Bowery has a devoted following on Yelp, and fans claim that the place "STILL" has the best burger in Los Angeles. In other words, they do not appreciate being trumped by all the hype Father's Office has built up.

The Bowery Burger was tasty, and I appreciated the choice of toppings, such as jalapenos and onion rings. The cooks mean business; that place has the best grilled cheese and tomato soup in Los Angeles, and they have plenty of competition there.

But then I tried Father's Office. One bite, and I pitied vegetarians the world over. I was all, Can I get a witness? on that thing. For the haters, let me address the three chief complaints people have about Father's Office:

Complaint #1) You can't alter your burger order.

Explanation: Why mess with perfection?

Of note: The top-grade beef is a little fatty and red (blood and fat give meat its flavor, you ill-informed George Foreman Grill-loving freaks) the bread is French (need I say more?) and it's piled with bleu cheese, arugula and caramelized onions.

Complaint #2) There's always such a long line.

Explanation: Please see explanation above.

Complaint #3) There are too many hipsters.

Explanation: I agree. Those bastards. 

Father's Office wins, hands down.

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