Happy Halloween Los Angeles!

If there are three things I can guarantee about Halloween in Los Angeles:
- girls wearing corsets, tutus and thigh-highs, claiming to be anything from a referee ("My corset is striped, duh!") to the devil ("My corset is red, duh!")
- Me pretending to live in a world where referees wear corsets
- Amazing parties
- Bulimics stashing bite-sized goodies in their purse for later
- Great costumes  
 Enjoy photos from last year's festivities!

Michael Jackson (with a white hand), me as Snooki, and Curt & Courtney
party in the hills

the city glitters below

abusive spread!
Corey Howe wins for Most Clever Costume - making a mockery of girls who feel as if EVERY costume must be slutty
 Cute couple alerts!

Top Gun's Maverick and Kelly McGillis
Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf
Hugh Hefner & Playmate

Katy Perry &......Katy Perry

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