Is the Victorian Rose B&B haunted?

Nona and Richard have a good thing going. They packed up and left L.A. to make their Ventura bed and breakfast, The Victorian Rose, an unforgettable experience for Angelenos and other travelers. 
It was once a wedding chapel in the 1800's. With vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows from Germany and a pipe organ, it was inevitable that people would claim the place is haunted. It didn't deter me, (quite the opposite, in fact) although I discovered countless websites claiming someone had fallen off the choir balcony to their death, after which strange things took place.

bedroom in the old choir loft
the old choir balcony, overlooking the bed and breakfast
Then again, those websites are rife with typos, which made it all seem less credible. I wasn't about to give up bedrock waterfall showers, wine and cheese at 5 pm and an elaborate breakfast on fine china. Then I spoke to Nona and Richard, and they confirmed that someone did indeed fall of the choir balcony (creepy!) and it was a child (creepier!) - not to mention that the Travel Channel covered the place in Haunted Hotels. Thankfully, the kid lived. And this place is a true landmark!

view from the choir balcony
angels watching over you, literally
choir balcony from main room
the showers
my friends John Will and Ariana Drehsler
the main room
wine and cheese the night before

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