Photobooth Pro - Giving the finger to vanity

Vanity doesn't only handicap those made to walk the red carpet. At parties where people know there will be press or at least shutterbug friends who are a little too Facebook-happy, they fret over how they look. So much so, that even with an open bar (!) it can ruin their evening.
How many times have you heard:

"Um, can you take another one? I look fat here."

"Um, can I look at the pic on your camera? If I don't like it you HAVE to delete it."

"Um, please don't tag me on Facebook."

"Um, that was my bad side."

"Um, hold on hold on hold on...I wasn't ready."

"Um, can we take a few, just in case?"

It always starts with  an "Um."

Photobooth Pro allows people to toss inhibitions aside and give the finger to vanity. A collection of RIDONCULOUS hats, boas and shades will assure the most vain and insecure that they can just calm the hell down and have a good time in the spacious photo booth.

To top it off, every person gets a copy of the photos right there on site, so if necessary, they can stare at themselves all night without being locked in the bathroom. What's more, is that online photos are available just days later, so they can crop, recolor, and Photoshop the photos into ("more realistic") versions of themselves before posting to Facebook.

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