William Shatner's dogs want to eat mine

Every time I walk my greyhounds in the hills of Studio City, there's one house that stresses my dogs out. Forget the mailbox outside painted with dainty flowers - inside the fence lurks two beasts.

Two muscular and roaring red dobermans (with unnecessarily clipped ears, might I add) tear at the fence, foaming at the mouth and fantasizing about making mincemeat of my beloved. One of my dogs whimper, the other looks at them quizzically as if to say, "Is that necessary?"

Who was this neighbor, with their pretty flowered mailbox and alternately murderous dogs? No other than William Shatner. According to couple across the street, "Bill" said those attack dogs were necessary in scaring off Star Trek crazies. But wasn't that back in the 70's, when the above photo was taken? And it gets more weird. Apparently there's a song out there titled William Shatner's Dog.

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Anonymous said...

is trekkie bashing really necessary?