Opera a la Richard

Richard Sheldon, not to be outshone by costumed audience members
 The nouveau riche brag about visiting the opera, while people from "old money" never feel the need to. The nouveau riche are also unfamiliar with operettas, the comedic, quick-paced operas that the old guard still enjoy. The nouveau riche who have heard of operettas still avoid it, as they're afraid to openly enjoy something less stuffy.
gala among the evergreens
While I fall into neither category, I must say that one of the perks of living in Los Angeles is that we have Richard Sheldon. Thanks to this Gilbert and Sullivan scholar, we can take in hilarious, unforgettable operettas via Opera a la Carte. For over 40 years, this Brit has tickled us with his dry wit and vibrant productions. When he steps on stage for his usual non-starring yet vital role (such as The Mikado), his presence silently demands awe and reverence.

perusing the silent auction
Opera a la Carte had a fundraiser a while back, and the ingenuity of the performers shone through not only in the show, but the little things. They had a hand in the table decor (taxidermized pirhanas!) and silent auction contributions. 

taxidermized pirhana centerpiece

The food was scrumptious, the Gilbert and Sullivan revue hilarious, the late and great Jill Clayburgh graced us with her presence and the twinkling outdoor set-up was nothing short of magical. If you'd like to take in a show or be a Savoy Society member/sponsor, click here

breathtaking evening

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