Highbrow Eyebrows

Vanessa Ceballos - artist and magician
Your eyebrows say a lot about you. If they're unruly you are most likely a quitter who prefers shapeless clothing and if they're plucked into skinny rainbows, you most likely have gang connections.

But one thing is true across the board - well-kept brows frame your face and make you look polished. Well-kept girls everywhere know this, which  explains why Anastasia was catapulted into fame as the queen of brows. For years she has shaped the brows of A-listers in her L.A. salon, which naturally led to coverage in magazines, her own line of products and 'brow studios' opening around the country. 

But careers gals like me can't wait for the globetrotting Anastasia to return to town. In Los Angeles, we are lucky to be able to pop over to the L.A. brow studio to see Vanessa Ceballos. Anastasia personally trained her, traveled with her and works alongside her. And best of all, Vanessa made me hot.

a fancier version of me
She wouldn't just wax my brows. She refused to settle for less than 100%. She tinted my brows to match my new summer highlights, she tweezed tricky corners and filled in sparse areas with an array of high-end cosmetics. Did I mention she was a make-up artist too? She's done Nicky Hilton, Kim Kardashian - the whole lot. And beauty isn't the only reason the stars flock to her. The posh decor and friendly service is impeccable. Alyssa Cole, the sexy, smiling redhead who runs the front gives the place class.

When Vanessa held a mirror up to my face, I felt like a new woman. Vanessa's services didn't cost much, but I looked...expensive. If my car can't trick other Angelenos into thinking I'm wealthy, at least my face can!

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