Best Doughnuts in L.A.

In college I worshipped at the altar of Krispy Kreme. Since moving to Los Angeles, I've been obsessed with the bacon maple glazed doughnuts at Nickel Diner.

But there's a new sheriff in town. Waterloo and City's Bourbon Glazed Doughnuts are so delicious, they're abusive. Everything you taste for days afterward will seem lackluster; almost wooden.

Words cannot describe it, but I will try. The glaze only has a slight hint of bourbon but is sticky sweet, slightly salty, and the crust has a microthin layer of crispiness. Once you bite in, the yielding, fluffy interior is piping hot and almost creamy. It comes with a side of bourbon glaze and white icing. But it needs neither of these. You can't mess with perfection.

Below, you'll see shots of other dishes we enjoyed at Waterloo and City. But if you walk away with anything, know that the doughnuts are never on the menu, but always available if you know to order them.

You're welcome.

Caesar, poached organic egg, dried prosciutto, anchovies

tuna tartare, fried piquillo pepper, avocado

oysters on rock salt

Whole roasted chicken with burning sage (see fire on top) and french fries

rotisserie lamb, crispy shepherd’s pie, sunchokes, gremolata

sticky toffee pudding, milk ice cream, salted caramel & French meringues

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