Under the same roof as Will & Kate!

The Belasco Theatre
Well, not at the same time. Just a couple of weeks apart, but I was there first. The royal couple, whom I shamelessly adore for reasons scarily unknown to me, came for the sold-out BAFTA dinner.

Clearly, Univision knows how (see HERE) and where to throw a party! We were at the historic Belasco Theatre in downtown for the Univision upfronts. Honestly, it was hard to keep our eyes trained on the world-famous Spanish-language stars as they showcased Univision's exciting line-up. That's because we couldn't stop staring at the ceiling! It was breathtaking (see above). 

glitter falling

party above, party below

seats cleared fast for the party upstairs
But after the presentation (which made me wish I could buy stock in soccer anything - wait, can I?) I realized why this upfront, unlike other upfronts, was held after office hours at night. That's because it was A PARTY. There was an open bar, sinful Mexican feast and a giant club room. The music was thumping, tiny spheres of neon light spun around the room and women slithered to Madonna's Like a Virgin. God I love Univision.
Dayna Wittman and Kathleen Wheeler-Strong: Putting the vision in Univision!

Tom Hanks gets it!


supertiny1 said...

Thanks for this doll. BTW...Am I catching flies in that picture? You are too funny.

Unknown said...

Love this post doll. And thanks for posting a picture of me that looks like I'm catching flies. LOL