Us East Coasters can get a bit nostalgic for Waffle House, the chain of breakfast restaurants off of southern highways. The warm orange and yellow glow of the sign is a shining beacon for weary travelers everywhere. Families with children take over the more upscale Cracker Barrels of the south, but Waffle House is a house of worship for truck drivers, traveling rock bands, drunk college kids and fans of hash browns that are as addictive as crack. 

I think this is why they built The Waffle here in Hollywood. It's decor gives a playful wink to the familiar browns, oranges and yellows from old truck stops. But the menu is an out-of-control Waffle House menu on steroids and psychedelics! 

Who needs Roscoes for chicken and waffles? If the hip hop crowd doesn't know, they'd better ask somebody! This is fried chicken, greens with bacon bits, white sausage gravy, and jalapeno cornmeal waffles smothered in maple syrup, fool!

 Of course with all these carbs, we responsibly ordered some healthy green vegetables. 

Well sweet home Alabama! Biscuits and gravy! 

Onion rings. Nom nom nom nom nom...

Happy ending: Red velvet waffle with cream cheese sauce

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