Baconfest: Ignore the hipsters and enjoy the meat!

Angelenos, don't let the hipster fascination with bacon get in the way of you enjoying this salty treat. Ignore the hoards of bearded men in flannels learning to cure meat and stuff sausages as they sip their homemade craft beer. They can't take bacon away from you!

To call Baconfest a celebration of all things swine is an understatement. Held at the San Diego County Fair, I can assure all that it is most certainly worth the drive. But don't take my word for it. I will let the photos do the talking. This is a MUST DO for Southern Californians, no matter the city.

bacon cotton candy - salty and umami-licious!
bacon-wrapped BBQ chicken, honey ham, pulled pork and spicy mac & cheese
deep-fried bacon-wrapped pickle - mmmmmm
bearded hipster selling cured meat? surprise, surprise, surprise
fluffy bacon waffles
bacon pie!
bacon jerky 
bacon sweets made to order 
great displays
bacon ice cream

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