Fringe Binge! Show #5: It's Important to Leave, As Well

If you think a play called It's Important to Leave, As Well sounds out of left field, wait until you see the show. The frazzled stage manager storms in front of the house, threatening suicide. The actors come and go as they please, completely absorbed in their own personal dramas as they rehearse scenes. The writer/directer interrupts often, calling everyone out on their agendas.  

In this fast-paced play within a play, viewers are treated to an inside look of the human condition that is so prevalent in stage productions. Actors falling for one another in real life after faking intimacy on stage, female frenemies in competition with one another, and yet another whining man-child who makes selfish decisions.  In fact, I believe one of his excuses for infidelity was, "I kissed her so I could experience the reality of your reaction to it." Yep. It was so pathetic and yet so familiar, the audience burst out laughing.

While the gratuitous stretching on stage in short shorts was a bit confusing, I'm sure the boys appreciated it. In all, Joshua Morrison's play was clever. The actors were very talented. The sexual tension between Marisa Persson and Mikie Beatty was palpable. Director Scott Marden helped exacerbate the unpredictable twists, and the bits of sadness that were interspersed with humor. The highs and lows made the production feel real, and touch close to home.

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