Fringe Binge! Show #7: White Trash Wedding and a Funeral

You have to give these guys props for the name. The cast of White Trash Wedding and a Funeral  looked like they had a lot of fun doing the show, and the feeling was contagious. They would randomly break out into the song Motorin'. Actors Jacob Smith and Phil Kelly perfected their roles as a borderline-special-needs Wayne and Garth. The tempo was fast-paced and jokes were sprinkled in everywhere.

The play was not without some anomalies. All of the characters sported a deep Southern twang, though the setting was in Illinois. The poor South - people always inherit Southern accents when imitating stupid people. We also had trouble understanding what the character Shirley was saying at times.

But all in all, it was a visual blast of caffeine, and a dern tootin' good time.

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Anonymous said...


Actually in the deep south, there's more of a drawl and it's very, very slow.

"White trash" areas throughout the Midwest and even California, speakss with a twang.