Don't trust skinny cooks? You haven't met Hollis Wilder.

Hollis Wilder preps for a civilized food frenzy

Sometimes it feels as if reality TV is a barrage of nouveaux riche illiterates throwing drinks at one another. That's why we need Hollis Wilder. She's never thrown a drink in someone's face. She has yet to accept a rose from a stranger and suddenly find herself in love. She's done something that no Housewife-of-Insert-City-Here has ever done - she has glorified the value of hard work. A three-time winner of Cupcake Wars, she's not content to simply return to her successful business in Florida. Not without releasing books filled with secrets that I'm thankful (and a bit surprised) she's divulged!

what breakfast looks like in heaven

In particular is her newest book Savory Bites. This week, luminaries gathered at a chic Santa Monica home at sunset, excited to sample food from her book. Warm, engaging and so fit you can't believe she cooks, Hollis breezed around the party enjoying people enjoy her food. "We're here for a nanosecond," she said, regarding our short time on earth. That's why she feels we need to live life to the fullest and put only the most wonderful food into our bodies.

And her food was impeccable. Using the cupcake molds she's famous for, she's crafted savory treats that are perfect for portion control and gorgeous for entertaining. Her food was alive, and glistened with every color of the rainbow.

Some of my favorites:

Zesty roasted veggies, with a lemony tomato bite. 

Smoked salmon and dill over pumpernickel and eggs. So good I almost converted to Judaism. 

And of course, she wouldn't let us leave without something sweet.

I was thrilled to eat lavishly in the salt air, chatting with epicureans as the marine layer rolled in to wash Los Angeles. I had to remind myself that if it were not for reality TV, I may never have met this talented chef, or have been able to sample such wonderful food, much less learn how to make it.  Thank you Hollis Wilder; for the food, the book and for making a strong case for reality television.

Hollis Wilder and myself

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